Saturday, 8 February 2014

KERN Pizar 8X30 AR

Kern Aarau, over 170 years of excellent Swiss workmanship ends in 1991. Binoculars were only a small fragment of the major industries of various optical instruments produced by Kern in Aarau. And how good are they? Excellent in almost every way! Field of view is slightly narrower, about 140 m at 1000 m. But the biggest problem is the combination of small eye relief and too deep and narrow eye cups. So it is very difficult to see whole field of view, even without glasses. You have to push your eyes as close as possible. Otherwise, this is the binoculars with the most neutral colour, even by today's standards and it's brighter than all vintage 8X30 binoculars I've ever seen. It matches the brightness of Nikon EII! Its pin sharp image goes almost to the borders. Focus is amazing! Not too slow and not too fast, and very smooth. And finally, its glossy black finish looks great.

  The latest models lack a crossbow logo which is a symbol of Swiss quality.

AR stands for anti reflex (coated) lenses.

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