Sunday, 22 September 2013

BAUSCH & LOMB Zephyr 8X30

Great find! Near mint Bausch & Lomb Zephyr 8X30. Bausch & Lomb is not well known outside the USA and these days very hard to find one in Europe. Opticaly and mechanicaly it should be on par with best German optics. First impression is its lightness. Its body is made of strong, light, one-piece magnesium alloy. Despite a larger size than European competitors it weighs only 495 g. My best binoculars so far was E. Leitz Binuxit. Zephyr is lighter, has wider field of view and is a little brighter. Its set of features is certainly superior. But Binuxit still has its hard to describe pleasant feel and comfort view.

Second opinion: WpgBinoculars, Brin Best


  1. I have a set of 8x30 Bosch and Lomb binoculars for sale with case great condition make me an offer

  2. Thank you very much for the offer. But I am not interested at the moment.

    Best wishes