Saturday, 19 October 2013

BARR & STROUD C.F. 24 8X30

It is built like a tank and is very heavy, despite having a bakelite prism housing covers. If you can get an optically clean C.F. 24 it should be very bright and sharp. It is worth to have it professionally cleaned. It can easily compete with the best German optics (will not win the gold medal : ) but it's definitely better than Deltrintem/Jenoptem brothers. It's drawback is its minimum focus distance - only about 8 m. Great Britain binoculars are very interesting because they have a wide range of design and built approaches. This one has an interesting strap fitting.

Second opinion: Simon SpiersWpgBinocular


  1. Hello! I also have these binoculars. I Cleared prisms and lenses. Binoculars showed excellent sharpness and good color reproduction, but the box is slightly narrower than the Leitz Binuxit, possibly due to deeper eye cups. Very interesting way of collimation, the four screws holding the lens.

  2. Interesting. They both have declared the same field of view: 150 m / 1000 m. They seem pretty much the same to me, too. Binuxit has much more neutral colours, while C.F. 24 has more yellow/sand tint.

  3. Barr and Stroud were Scottish not English. They were based in Anniesland in Glasgow.