Saturday, 22 March 2014

CARL ZEISS Silvarem 6X30

Silvarem is Deltrintem's older brother,  produced between 1910-1975. Except for lesser magnification they share the same built quality and good optics. They also have the same field of view (150 m / 1000 m). This means that with Silvarem you can see the same image slightly more distant and view circle is smaller. That's why it does not impress as much as 8X30 wide angle binoculars. Silvarem's sharpness goes much further to the edge of the image, and should be a bit brighter at low light. This Silvarem is a newer version, which is much lighter than the original Silvarem and its eyepieces are shaped a little differently.

Second opinion: WpgBinoculars (older version)

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