Thursday, 8 August 2013

CARL ZEISS JENA Deltrintem 8X30

From the 1985 brochure: Perhaps the most famous of all binoculars, the Zeiss 8X30 Deltrintem has been a favourite of both men and women alike for several generations. An outstanding "all-purpose" binocular, with the combination of size, magnification and performance, the 8X30 is the ideal take-everywhere glass. Compact, light-weight and highly portable, their rapid centre focusing and ease of operation facilitates effective viewing under all condition. It was true and it still is! OK, there are still better ones from its time period.

Deltrintem on 1920 brochure

Deltrintem on 1985 brochure

Produced in 1962, optics is clean and works flawlessly.

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  1. The poor eye relief of 11mm can easily be remedied by untwisting the plastic eyecups and putting a rubber eyecup in its place. Or by simple improvising and taping the bare metal eyepiece rims with non-scratch tape. Your vision will go from tunnel to wide-open!!